Children’s Audition Information


Youth Ages 5 and up – Auditions on Saturday September 10, 2022

AgesGenderCheck InOrientationAudition
8-10Girls10:00am10:30am11:00-11:30am Group A
11:40-12:10pm Group B
7-11Boys10:00am10:30am11:00-11:30am Group A
11:40-12:10pm Group B
7Girls11:20am11:50am12:20-12:40pm Group A
12:50-1:10pm Group B
5-6Boys and Girls1:30pm2:00pm2:30-2:50pm Group A
3:00-3:20pm Group B
3:30-3:50pm Group C

For additional information, see the General Audition Information for schedules and requirements and the Terms & Conditions, which include the letter of agreement for participation.