Oscar Lewis

Oscar Allerton Lewis, Props Master; Contracted Artist

Lewis has been dancing with Champaign Ballet Academy since 2009. Through the years, he’s performed with Champaign Urbana Ballet in an abundance of roles starting out in The Nutcracker as a Polichinelle, Mouse, Soldier, and growing up to dance the roles of Fritz, The Nutcracker Prince, and Arabian Prince. Some of Lewis’ favorite roles in other productions include The Sleeping Beauty’s Blue Bird and Swan Lake’s Jester. If you asked his all-time favorite role, he is likely to say a Rat in The Nutcracker battle! Lewis has been teaching/assisting ballet classes since middle school and enjoys working with all age groups to inspire their imaginations and talents. In 2023, he directed Champaign Urbana Ballet’s original student production, Star Wars: Trials of the Force. Lewis loves the strength, art, and athleticism ballet brings to the studio classroom and the stage, and wishes to continue dancing and teaching for many years to come.