Costume Mistress, Masumi Iriye

It takes skilled sewers, crafty glue-gunners, and reliable steamers and ironers to get our dancers costumed to CU Ballet's standards. Here are some of the many tasks regularly performed by our amazing Costume Volunteer Corps:

  • Measuring dancers accurately and efficiently.
  • Assisting at costume fittings. Note takers, labelers and seam rippers are a huge help to the more seasoned costumer who will be pinning and marking.
  • Hand sewing: from the basic (sewing name labels, snaps, and hooks & bars, mending tears, fixing trim and beadwork) to the more complicated (cross-stitching bodice facings, sewing bodices to tutus).
  • Dyeing and painting.
  • Ironing and steaming.
  • Repairing headpieces and miscellaneous trim using a glue gun.
  • Machine sewing: basic (straight seams and minor alterations); more advanced (new costumes, dealing with multiple layers of tulle or super tough spandex); and serging (the ultimate power tool!).
  • Organizing our supply bins and drawers.
  • Doing some advance work on our spring show. Yes—there is CU Ballet life after The Nutcracker.